Season 2, Episode 6
August 12, 2022

Managing Enterprise Risk Through Technology

Clay Gilge, Capital Projects Lead - US Infrastructure & Projects Advisory at KPMG talks with Building Transformations about his background as a Project Engineer for Bechtel, to his experience at Intel in procurement in large semi conductor construction to his current position at KPMG as a Consultant. Throughout his career Clay has passionately focused on driving step-change performance improvement for his clients and currently focuses on leverage technology to deliver solutions for KPMG clients within the building and infrastructure industry. Clay discusses a recently released report from KPMG entitled No Turning Back, which outlines the importance of integrated risk management at the enterprise level, and how having a standardized method of measurement and technology that can create transparency across the organization, will help companies to avoid significant financial distresses when one or more projects encounter losses or financial challenges. There are a number of areas where companies can manage risk and measure performance through the investment in Technology. Check out this insightful interview and hear about the opportunities technology can deliver to help your company manage risk.

Clay Gilge

Season 2, Episode 5
August 5, 2022

Technology Trends and Challenges for Real Property Owners

Thomas Strong President & CEO of Building Transformations sits down with Thano Lambrinos, SVP Digital Buildings, Experiences & Innovation - QuadReal Property Group about the latest trends and important challenges facing real property owners and operators. Thanos shares his perspective of more than 15 years of experience working in the real property industry. Tom and Thano will touch on subjects like career paths, digital transformation, core challenges facing the real property industry, the importance of technology in addressing ESG initiatives and more. Tune in for this informative and insightful conversation with one of Canada's most innovative leaders in the building and infrastructure industry.

Thano Lambrinos

Vice President, Smart Building Technology, Digital Innovation - QuadReal
Season 2, Episode 4
July 27, 2022

The Next Wave of Construction Startups: Trends for the Future

Alice Leung, Vice President of Platform and Product Strategy at Brick & Mortar Ventures talks with Building Transformations about her diverse industry background, Construction technology and much more. Alice shares her journey from her time working overseas in Singapore to arriving at her current position at Brick & Mortar where she helps new startups bring their products to market. Alice speaks about labour shortages facing the construction industry, and the challenges around construction collaboration; with so many stakeholders coming together to build projects their is a real challenge around interoperability and collaborative technology that will allow project parties to work more efficiently together. Tom and Alice also discuss prefabrication as a model for improving productivity and delivering projects more efficiently. Alice posits that the time is now for construction robotics, given the large amount of R&D spending in construction and adjacent industries there has never been a better time for construction robotics. Alice closes with her thoughts on the evolution of the construction space and the issues and opportunities facing the next wave of con-tech startups. Alice has tremendous insights and thoughts for any and all start-ups looking to make their mark in the construction industry.

Alice Leung

Vice President, Platform and Product Strategy - Brick & Mortar Ventures
Season 2, Episode 3
July 19, 2022

A Strategic Perspective on Construction Technology

Keith Churchill, Chief Innovation Officer at Bechtel talks with Building Transformations about his career path, scale and scope of Bechtel's global projects and the diversity of their workforce given the global nature of their business. Keith shares his thoughts on the importance of building relationships with their customers to ensure they are positioned to innovate. Knowing the customers needs and understanding their priorities helps to identify opportunities to implement new innovative technologies. Tom and Keith also discuss the challenges in the supply chain and how an investment in technology can be used to help attract new talent into the industry and address the labour issues facing the construction space. Keith touches on Bechtel's tech-stack strategy, the tech start-up ecosystem, trends around M&A's and in-house tech development. To close out the interview, Keith provides future insights for construction technology and it's impact on the job site.

Keith Churchill

Chief Innovation Officer - Bechtel
Season 2, Episode 2
July 12, 2022

Building Good For a Better Future

Tim Coldwell, President Chandos Construction and Gilles Royer Chief Operating Officer Bird Construction share their vision for their new joint venture between Chandos and Bird Construction. Building Good is a not for profit organization focused on Industry Transformation, Equity and Inclusion and a Net. Zero Future. In this interview, Tim and Gilles talk about their history working together on major projects and how this was the basis for an opportunity to build better, with a focus on the social values and imperatives that are so important to improving the world we inhabit. Tim and Gilles share their thoughts on the industry challenges around talent and labour and how to procure talent and ensure a corporate culture that inspires talent to enter our industry. Working collectively with other industry stakeholders Building Good is excited to bring their message and initiatives to industry to advance how we operate and mobilize industry create a positive impact.

Tim Coldwell

President - Chandos Construction

Gilles Royer

Chief Operating Officer - Bird Construction
Season 2, Episode 1
July 5, 2022

Leveraging Technology to Address Labour Shortages in the Construction Industry

Jas Saraw, Vice President of Sales, Canada at Procore sits down to speak with Thomas Strong, President and CEO of Building Transformations about the genesis and evolution of Procore as a company, productivity and adoption of technology in the construction space and leveraging technology to address key challenges in the construction industry. Jas shares his thoughts on the challenges surrounding labour shortages and how executives are thinking about talent retention and using technology to address labour challenges that lay ahead. Tom and Jas discuss augmenting labour through robotics, artificial intelligence and the practical application in the field and how this will impact how we deliver projects.

Jas Saraw

Vice President of Sales, Canada - Procore
Season 1, Episode 6
November 29, 2021

Canadian Market as a New Frontier for International Tech

Bas Roestenberg, COO of KYP Project speaks about the challenges and opportunities of introducing a digital product into a new market. KYP Project (Keep Your Promise) is a start up company based in the Netherlands that has begun the process of introducing their product into the North American market. Bas talks about the pace of change in Europe vs. North America and although there are differences there is a common thread around the industry wide drive toward digital transformation. KYP Project fits nicely into this transformation, as their product helps companies plan with ease, connect project partners and reduce the hassle of construction scheduling.

Sebastiaan Roestenberg

COO - KYP Project
Season 1, Episode 5
November 22, 2021

The Culture of Innovation

Daniel Wade, President and General Manager Hilti Canada discusses Hilti Canada's experience throughout pandemic, and how Hilti is continuing on and moving forward through introducing new products to the market and working closely with their clients. Dan talks about the challenges of finding talent during a pandemic and nurturing the internal culture that supports team bonding. Hilti's ability to build a successful team, with more than 90% employee retention and very low attrition rates speaks to the success of Hilti's internal culture of putting people first. Dan speaks to the importance of safety, digitalization and products as significant drivers for innovation within Hilti. Listen to the full interview to hear about the importance of R&D, robotics, worker augmentation and safety as a current and future consideration at Hilti. Thanks to Dan for taking the time to speak with CanBIM!

Daniel Wade

President / General Manager - Hilti Canada
Season 1, Episode 4
November 15, 2021

Addressing The Problem of Waste in the Built Environment

Helen Goodland, Founder and Principal at Scius Advisory shares her 30 years of experience in consulting with sustainable construction, passive house and green building innovations. There is no question that waste in the construction and operation of our built world are significant contributors to emissions and our carbon footprint. According to the UN, operations of buildings contribute approximately 28% to global emissions and construction materials contribute another 11%. Helen shares her thoughts on the construction process, how to reverse the impact and how technology plays a significant role in delivering sustainable buildings. Reversing the carbon impact starts with "being aware" of the impact of the construction industry and then implementing tools and technologies that can help our industry build more efficiently, productively, safer and more reliably. The future is bright! watch the interview and hear Helen's prediction for the next ten years and the business case for digital transformation!

Helen Goodland

Head of Research and Innovation - Scius Advisory
Season 1, Episode 3
November 8, 2021

Modern Methods of Construction and The Future of the Built Environment

Brandon Searle, Innovation Director - Off-site Construction Research Centre at the University of New Brunswick talks about new and innovative modern methods for construction. Prefabrication, off-site construction modularization and efficient manufacturing methods are making an impact in our industry. Brandon talks about how these new methods will allow constructors to build more efficiently, increase productivity, reduce waste and improve safety. From affordable housing, to vertical versus horizontal construction, to job creation these methods have tremendous potential to impact and improve our industry.

Brandon Searle

Director, Innovation and Operations - UNB Off-site Construction Research Centre
Season 1, Episode 2
July 26, 2021

Evolution of the Construction Industry: Technology as The Driving Factor

Gerard McCabe, Managing Director at Turner & Townsend shares his thoughts on the evolution of the construction industry and how technology and more collaborative approaches are yielding better results for all stakeholders. Gerard also shares his thoughts on COVID-19 and the role technology is playing in the industry's recovery and how technology is improving business operations at Turner and Townsend. Gerard closes with key thoughts on the importance of information management, productization, procurement methods and achieving sustainability goals.

Gerard McCabe

Managing Director - Turner & Townsend
Season 1, Episode 1
August 23, 2021

Construction Law, Legislation and Technology's Influence on Successful Projects

Paul V. Stocco, Partner at Brownlee LLP shares his insights from 30 years in the construction industry on how technology has evolved the industry and influenced project risk. With project budgets exceeding billions of dollars, project risk and exposure increases dramatically. Paul shares his thoughts on the importance of good communication, trends in construction law, legislation relating to prompt payments and the drivers of successful projects.

Paul Stocco

Partner - Brownlee LLP