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The Culture of Innovation

Season 1, Episode 5
November 22, 2021

Daniel Wade, President and General Manager Hilti Canada discusses Hilti Canada's experience throughout pandemic, and how Hilti is continuing on and moving forward through introducing new products to the market and working closely with their clients. Dan talks about the challenges of finding talent during a pandemic and nurturing the internal culture that supports team bonding. Hilti's ability to build a successful team, with more than 90% employee retention and very low attrition rates speaks to the success of Hilti's internal culture of putting people first. Dan speaks to the importance of safety, digitalization and products as significant drivers for innovation within Hilti. Listen to the full interview to hear about the importance of R&D, robotics, worker augmentation and safety as a current and future consideration at Hilti. Thanks to Dan for taking the time to speak with CanBIM!

Daniel Wade

President / General Manager - Hilti Canada