Why get Certified?

CanBIM Professional Certification signifies that industry professionals have attained a level of knowledge and experience that is transferable, relevant, and valuable to employers that are utilizing digital technologies, workflows, and processes.

Certification Levels

Professional Certification is labeled with one of 4 levels, based on the amount of professional experience, including BIM/Digital Project Delivery process, and BIM digital tool usage. CanBIM certified courses also counts towards these experience hours. Fill out our pre-screening to find out which level is right for you.

Work Experience Required

Standard Process

Obtain the minimum required number of work experience hours in BIM Process, and/or BIM Digital Tools for your desired certification level. Take the pre-screening questionnaire to find out what level you qualify for.

Fast Track Process

CanBIM-certified programs and courses have an “hourly value” that  counts towards your BIM Process or BIM Digital Tools experience hours. These hourly values exceed the actual number of hours spent in the course, so taking a course can help you get certified faster.

Application Process

Take the pre-screening questionnaire to find out what certification level you’re eligible for
Apply online. Ensure that your application is properly filled out to prevent processing delays
Receive an automated invoice for your certification fee*
Member — CA$390
Non-Member — CA$490
Pay your certification fee (non refundable)
CanBIM reviews your application for comeliness and sends an update by email. This step may take up to 30 days.
CanBIM Certification Assessment Panel (CCAP) assesses your application. This step may take up to 60 days.
Receive your digital or physical certification package (only if approved)
*Fees are subject to applicable taxes.

Upgrading & Renewal

Certification is valid for two years, after which time certification may be renewed or upgraded based on accumulated professional hours. There is a CPD hour requirement that must be met for renewal. Applicants can upgrade their certification level at any time by submitting a certification application for the new certification level.


Certification FAQ

Why become CanBIM Certified?

CanBIM Professional certification ensures that industry professionals have attained a level of knowledge and experience that is transferable, relevant, and valuable to employers. Our Professional Certification verifies your expertise through a peer-reviewed benchmark, it is a recognition of your professional growth and can be used to advance your professional career.

Who can apply for CanBIM Professional Certification?

AECOO professionals with a minimum of 1000 hours (~6 months) of verifiable BIM/VDC/Digital Project Delivery and Processes -related work experience

What level of Certification do I qualify for?

Complete our questionnaire to receive a recommendation on the highest level you may qualify for. *Required hours of experience will vary depending on the level applied and you are also able to use CanBIM Certified course(s)/programs(s) to Fast-Track your certification.

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