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Building Good For a Better Future

Season 2, Episode 2
July 12, 2022

Tim Coldwell, President Chandos Construction and Gilles Royer Chief Operating Officer Bird Construction share their vision for their new joint venture between Chandos and Bird Construction. Building Good is a not for profit organization focused on Industry Transformation, Equity and Inclusion and a Net. Zero Future. In this interview, Tim and Gilles talk about their history working together on major projects and how this was the basis for an opportunity to build better, with a focus on the social values and imperatives that are so important to improving the world we inhabit. Tim and Gilles share their thoughts on the industry challenges around talent and labour and how to procure talent and ensure a corporate culture that inspires talent to enter our industry. Working collectively with other industry stakeholders Building Good is excited to bring their message and initiatives to industry to advance how we operate and mobilize industry create a positive impact.

Tim Coldwell

President - Chandos Construction

Gilles Royer

Chief Operating Officer - Bird Construction