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A Strategic Perspective on Construction Technology

Season 2, Episode 3
July 19, 2022

Keith Churchill, Chief Innovation Officer at Bechtel talks with Building Transformations about his career path, scale and scope of Bechtel's global projects and the diversity of their workforce given the global nature of their business. Keith shares his thoughts on the importance of building relationships with their customers to ensure they are positioned to innovate. Knowing the customers needs and understanding their priorities helps to identify opportunities to implement new innovative technologies. Tom and Keith also discuss the challenges in the supply chain and how an investment in technology can be used to help attract new talent into the industry and address the labour issues facing the construction space. Keith touches on Bechtel's tech-stack strategy, the tech start-up ecosystem, trends around M&A's and in-house tech development. To close out the interview, Keith provides future insights for construction technology and it's impact on the job site.

Keith Churchill

Chief Innovation Officer - Bechtel