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As a member, you will be part of a collective of professionals that drive leadership, advocacy, education, and engagement around digital technologies and innovation within the building and infrastructure industry.

Professional Membership


Organization Affiliate

1 year

For employees of organizations which are Building Transformations members. Voting rights are retained by the organization and membership benefits are available to all employees. Employees must submit an application in order to obtain their membership.



1 year

For industry professionals.
Both voting rights and membership benefits are retained by the individual. Individuals must submit an application and pay the fee in order to obtain their membership.

Is Your Organization a Member?

Find out by checking our membership list. Is your organization not yet a member? Check out our organization membership page to learn more about and apply for company membership.

Application Process

submit your application online
receive a confirmation email
Building Transformations reviews your application
receive your membership invoice*
pay for your membership*
receive your membership certificate
get involved in member initiatives!
*does not apply for Organization Affiliate memberships
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