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The Next Wave of Construction Startups: Trends for the Future

Season 2, Episode 4
July 27, 2022

Alice Leung, Vice President of Platform and Product Strategy at Brick & Mortar Ventures talks with Building Transformations about her diverse industry background, Construction technology and much more. Alice shares her journey from her time working overseas in Singapore to arriving at her current position at Brick & Mortar where she helps new startups bring their products to market. Alice speaks about labour shortages facing the construction industry, and the challenges around construction collaboration; with so many stakeholders coming together to build projects their is a real challenge around interoperability and collaborative technology that will allow project parties to work more efficiently together. Tom and Alice also discuss prefabrication as a model for improving productivity and delivering projects more efficiently. Alice posits that the time is now for construction robotics, given the large amount of R&D spending in construction and adjacent industries there has never been a better time for construction robotics. Alice closes with her thoughts on the evolution of the construction space and the issues and opportunities facing the next wave of con-tech startups. Alice has tremendous insights and thoughts for any and all start-ups looking to make their mark in the construction industry.

Alice Leung

Vice President, Platform and Product Strategy - Brick & Mortar Ventures