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Addressing The Problem of Waste in the Built Environment

Season 1, Episode 4
November 15, 2021

Helen Goodland, Founder and Principal at Scius Advisory shares her 30 years of experience in consulting with sustainable construction, passive house and green building innovations. There is no question that waste in the construction and operation of our built world are significant contributors to emissions and our carbon footprint. According to the UN, operations of buildings contribute approximately 28% to global emissions and construction materials contribute another 11%. Helen shares her thoughts on the construction process, how to reverse the impact and how technology plays a significant role in delivering sustainable buildings. Reversing the carbon impact starts with "being aware" of the impact of the construction industry and then implementing tools and technologies that can help our industry build more efficiently, productively, safer and more reliably. The future is bright! watch the interview and hear Helen's prediction for the next ten years and the business case for digital transformation!

Helen Goodland

Head of Research and Innovation - Scius Advisory