Season 2, Episode 6
August 12, 2022

Managing Enterprise Risk Through Technology

Clay Gilge, Capital Projects Lead - US Infrastructure & Projects Advisory at KPMG talks with Building Transformations about his background as a Project Engineer for Bechtel, to his experience at Intel in procurement in large semi conductor construction to his current position at KPMG as a Consultant. Throughout his career Clay has passionately focused on driving step-change performance improvement for his clients and currently focuses on leverage technology to deliver solutions for KPMG clients within the building and infrastructure industry. Clay discusses a recently released report from KPMG entitled No Turning Back, which outlines the importance of integrated risk management at the enterprise level, and how having a standardized method of measurement and technology that can create transparency across the organization, will help companies to avoid significant financial distresses when one or more projects encounter losses or financial challenges. There are a number of areas where companies can manage risk and measure performance through the investment in Technology. Check out this insightful interview and hear about the opportunities technology can deliver to help your company manage risk.

Clay Gilge