Presentation Types

Executive Presentation

We are seeking presentations that have an executive or strategic perspective relating to industry wide or global trends, challenges and/or social imperatives. These presentations focus on the business value or impact of technology. These presentations are delivered by c-suite or senior executives.

Technical Presentation

We are seeking high level 20 minute presentations that outline the business value of a specific technology (software or hardware). Showcasing the functionality of the technology is ideal, however we prefer not to receive step-by-step or "picks and clicks" walk-through presentations on how to use the technology.

Industry Presentation

We are seeking presentations on important or nascent industry subject matter with either an executive or technical perspective. Industry Summit presentations can be a case study, or high level overview of how a technology is improving business operations. These presentations are delivered by executives and/or subject matter experts.

Project Stories

We are seeking innovative case studies and project stories that showcase the use of innovative technology, best practises and digital workflows to address project challenges. Project Stories showcase a notable industry project and are delivered by industry professionals that are key decision makers leading in a project.

Panelist Application

Panelist's participate in virtual and in-person discussions about relevant industry subject-matters. We promote our panelists as part of our communications, as such, we require complete and accurate information for our panelists.  

Tour Submission

Tours are an important part of our events, and they offer member companies a great opportunity to showcase their innovative projects. We are seeking completed projects/buildings, or active job sites where we can showcase the use of digital project delivery methods and innovative tools and technology.