Maintaining the existing level of certification requires Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours. Calculating and accumulating CPD hours depends on the activity and varies based on applicant involvement. The amount of hours required depends on the level of Certification and need to be submitted within the 2-year certification period:

Certificate holders must complete required CPD hours by the certification expiry date referenced on the digital copy of the CanBIM Certificate. If CPD hours were not submitted prior to expiration date of certification, the individual is required to provide proof of CPD-approved activities completed during the two-year certification cycle and after expiration in order to reactivate previous certification.

Request Hours

Check how many hours you are required to submit by filling out this form (certification ID* is required)

Request Hours

*Please note that CanBIM has recently issued updated certification numbers (IDs) for all certificates issued prior to May 24, 2021. Certificate holders will be receiving their new certification numbers (IDs) on a rolling basis.

Eligible Activities

CanBIM Professional Certification is maintained through participation in courses, workshops, seminars or other industry-related events and activities. The following events or activities qualify for CPD hours*:

  • Attending a BIM-related event
  • Presenting at a BIM-related event
  • Completing a BIM-related course or program
  • Teaching a BIM-related course or program
  • Writing a BIM-related books or articles
  • Participation on CanBIM Think Tanks
  • Participation on a Certification Assessment Panel (CCAP)

*CPD submissions must be accompanied by supporting documents, such as confirmation of participation for events or online classes, final event agenda and/or course description, copy of publication and/or book.

Renewal Process

  • Submit individual CPD activities (one at a time) via an online form
  • Receive a confirmation email after every submission
  • Receive a CPD completion email once required hours have been submitted
  • Receive and pay CPD invoice (member discounts for active members)
  • Receive a digital copy of a CanBIM certificate

Renewal Fees

Fees are subject to applicable taxes.

CanBIM Member — CA$195

Non-Member — CA$245