Seeking Members

As the Think Tank initiative evolves it is expected that there will be a need to form new Think Tanks around new subject matter or process-based initiatives. A minimum of three volunteers are required to start up a CanBIM Think Tank with Board approval. If you are a CanBIM Member and you would like to participate, we encourage you to sign up through the website today!


  • Implement Agile Project Management ideals to enable smaller groups to work in a flexible and interactive fashion on a manageable deliverable
  • Release updated BIM Protocols as point releases. E.g.: v2.1, v2.2. These point releases would provide an update to specific topics within the BIM Protocol to address changing industry conditions
  • Issue supporting documents including White Papers and Templates that relate directly to the BIM Protocol documents
  • Update BIM Protocol based on feedback from members
  • Develop smaller teams to meet more frequently on a flexible schedule, and thus meeting monthly to increase collaboration and communication among all stakeholders.


Charles Fung

Associate - GEC Architecture

Laura-Lee (Moran) Majano

Digital Delivery Manager, Buildings - WSP

Tony Atkins

BIM Specialist - HDR Architecture

Lichu Chen

National BIM Manager - Smith + Andersen

Sneha Kadam

BIM Manager - Q4 Architects

Oscar Ramos Martinez

Architectural Technologist - Parkin Architects

Subhojit Sarkar

Business Manager, North America - Pinnacle Infotech

Mike Shook

Design Technology Manager - J.L. Richards & Associates Ltd.

Steve Yilmaz

BIM Coordinator - H.H. Angus & Associates Ltd.

Task Groups

Digital Execution Plan - Facility Management Operations (FMO)

Construction Management Think Tank
Design & Engineering Think Tank
Digitization & Data Think Tank
Legal & Risk Management Think Tank
Technology & Process Think Tank