Seeking Members

As the Think Tank initiative evolves it is expected that there will be a need to form new Think Tanks around new subject matter or process-based initiatives. A minimum of three volunteers are required to start up a CanBIM Think Tank with Board approval. If you are a CanBIM Member and you would like to participate, we encourage you to sign up through the website today!


  • Increase industry adoption of Building Information Modeling amongst General Contractor's
  • Increase adoption of technology across all disciplines
  • Streamline the use of technology specifically for construction
  • Vet industry standards and guidelines from a General Contractor's perspective
  • Create standardized means and methods and/or best practices for use of technology by General Contractor's
  • Increase awareness of technology
  • Interface with other CanBIM Committees and industry groups.


Vincent Plourd

VDC Manager - Chandos

Mohamed Adel

East VDC/BIM Manager - Bird Construction

Yuri Bartzis

Innovation Manager - Pomerleau

Anneka Chand

VDC Manager - Turner Construction

Peter DeRooy

VDC Manager - Maple Reinders

Markus Hahn

VDC/BIM Lead - Kenaidan Contracting

Patrick Lalonde

Director, VDC - EllisDon

Dragan Marinkovic

BIM Specialist / Principal - 3D Virtualmode Consulting Ltd.

Federico Pensa

BIM-VDC Director - Magil Construction

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BIM/VDC Career Benchmarking

Construction Management Think Tank

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Construction Management Think Tank

What Are The Needs of a VDC Team?

Construction Management Think Tank