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The Business Value of Digital Twins Survey

Posted on
April 27, 2022
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The objective of the survey is to establish a basis of understanding on the overall knowledge of digital twins, the people who are able to benefit from the digital twin, at what stages those benefits are achieved and the overall Canadian industry maturity for the implementation of digital twins. The Digital Twin Think Tank will develop, evolve and promote digital twin best practices and methodologies across the Canadian AEC industry. The goal will be to drive consistency in vocabulary and understanding of digital twin use cases throughout the project lifecycle.


The Digital Twin Think Tank will circulate a survey to collect general information on the industry's awareness of Digital Twins, the business value of Digital Twins and how they will help industry stakeholders. With this survey, we will understand where there are gaps of knowledge and implementation, which will allow us to strategize the action items and monitor their progress year after year.

Participating Think Tanks

Task Group


Rafael Lucero

Principal Consultant and Practice Lead for AEC and Indoor GIS - Esri Inc.


Marcus Tateishi

President - SolidCAD