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Digitization and Data Glossary

Posted on
April 27, 2022
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Industry Challenge

There is an absence of a comprehensive glossary that considers all digitized element and processes for the built environment. This lack of clarity poses a gap in digital scope in procuring, designing, building, and operating facilities.

Proposed Solution

The Digitization and Data Think Tank will form a Task Group representing various stakeholder across Canada and internationally to create a Digitization and Data Glossary.

Participating Think Tanks

Glossary Database

Through the past years, the Architectural, Engineering, Construction, Operation & Maintenance industries have witnessed a better understanding of the importance of structured digital data, which led to an acceleration in the digital transformation of processes and digitization of data.

With that rapid evolution of digitization, many terms and expressions emerged without a fixed and precise definition. With the spread of these terms across the globe, each term had a different understanding by various users.

Building Transformations (CanBIM) proposes this Glossary that includes the most commonly used terms related to Data and Digitization to be a central reference for the definition of these terms. A group of experts in various related fields has discussed the available definitions and agreed on the best ones that serve as a clear description of the terms from a futuristic perspective.

Furthermore, as the industry's evolution will never stop, we ask you to contribute by proposing additional terms or changes to the definitions in the current Glossary to keep the Glossary valid and up to date.

The interactive Glossary Database below allows to do any of the following:

Task Group


Mostafa ElAshmawy

Senior BIM & GIS Manager - WSP


Salim Abdelkarim

BIM Student - George Brown College

Ahmed AbouAlfa

BIM & Digital Delivery Manager - Diriyah Gate Development Authority

Aaron Akehurst

Manager, Construction Services - PCL

Robert Alzuarde

Innovation Manager - Pomerleau

Krigh Bachmann

Leader, Digital Innovation - DIALOG

Megan Brooks

Design Technology Leader - DIALOG

Hammad Chaudhry

National Director - EllisDon

Santiago Diaz

Software Developer

Dan Fox

Director of Product Development - BuiltSpace Technologies Corp.

David Jeon

Data Analyst - Olsen Consulting

Nancy Kiruba

Fabrication Engineering Coordinator - Modern Niagara

Jon Olsen

CEO - Olsen Consulting

John Ringness

Managing Director - NEXT FMS

Rick Rolston

CEO - BuiltSpace Technologies Corp.

Katherine Skulski

Software Consultant - Olsen Consulting

Alena Tokareva

VDC Manager - EllisDon