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Digital Execution Plan - Facility Management Operations (FMO)

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July 27, 2023
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Industry Challenge

Digital transformation within the Facility Management Operations (FMO) profession lags in digitally integrating many facilities' assets with business processes. Furthermore, FMOs are often disconnected from the design and construction of the facilities they maintain, resulting in a lack of clarity and specificity in requirements, inefficient reviews and ineffective handover of the assets. The separation of FMO from the data, information, technology and capital process dramatically reduces an organization's ability to answer some of the most crucial questions about the assets in their portfolio, including:

  1. Predictions of asset whole-life costs
  2. Assessment of climate risks
  3. Recover from disaster
  4. Maintain high availability
  5. Deliver equity to occupants

Proposed Solution

The Digital Execution Plan – FMO Task Group will define an FMO roadmap through a capital program from pre-construction to post-occupancy to achieve digital integration.

Participating Think Tanks

Task Group


John Ringness

Managing Director - NEXT FMS

Chris Teolis

Principal Consultant - Digital Advisory - Mott MacDonald


Tom Kostek

Chief Building Engineer - Centron Group

Rob Sanchez

Managing Director - Stanza Technologies

Jean-Loup Santurette

Director, Innovation & Digital Strategy - Equans Services Canada & US (ex. Engie Services Canada)