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Digital Execution Plan - Design

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July 12, 2023
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Industry Challenge

Design teams in Building Information Modeling (BIM) projects are often disconnected from the full understanding and utilization of digital data, information, processes, and infrastructure. This disconnection leads to sub-optimal decision making, collaboration, and design outcomes. It limits the design team's ability to:

  1. Define upstream data requirements for use in construction
  2. Manage downstream document and data handover requirements
  3. Identify digital processes used in the design phase
  4. Implement best practices for data management between design processes and stakeholders

Proposed Solution

The "Digital Execution Plan (DEP) for Design" initiative by a newly formed task group will chart a roadmap from design phase to construction. This plan will enhance data utilization in the design phase, streamline data flows, and improve collaboration among design professionals and stakeholders, achieving superior data and information management and ultimately improving design outcomes.

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Krigh Bachmann

Leader, Digital Innovation - DIALOG


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