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Client-Focused BIM Process Terminology Guide

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September 20, 2022
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Industry Challenge

Clients and owners are often faced with a vast variety of terminology around capital projects leading to confusion and uncertainty as to the definitions of this terminology. Being that there are multiple terms for similar activities creates issues for clients and owners where project stakeholders have mismatched expectations.

Examples of issues

  • PEP, PxP, BEP, BIMx, BxP - Are they the same or different? If different, what is the difference?
  • Virtual Coordination, Clash Coordination and BIM Coordination - what is the difference?

Proposed Solution

The need to ensure a common understanding, clarity and alignment around BIM terminology used in RFQ's, RFP's, for those procuring capital projects and operations is very important. There is a significant need in the industry to highlight commonalities and differences in the terminology used by all project stakeholders. To address this issue we are proposing the creation of a Client-Focused BIM Process Terminology Guide.

What we will do?

  • Work with the lists generated by the AML Think Thank to create a Client-Focused BIM Process Terminology Guide:
  • Identify terms that are critical to understand prior to preparing an RFP or RFQ
  • Highlighting identical, similar or different terminology, by client, design and construction perspectives should be considered

This guide must consider the following:

  • Canadian perspective with alignment to the bSI BIM Dictionary - while also maintaining alignment with the international perspective.
  • Owners' perspective, highlighting similarities and differences
  • Terminology and acronym alignment with project phases: does a term change from a client project perspective to a Design Consultant or Construction/Trade perspective or scope?

Participating Think Tanks

Task Group


Geraldine Rayner

Managing Principal - SummitBIM Consulting Ltd.

Hasan Wahab

Manager, Architectural Services - Greater Toronto Airports Authority


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