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BIM/VDC Career Benchmarking

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April 27, 2022
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Industry Challenge

There are so many different job titles within the construction management sector that have varying responsibilities and educational requirements.  There is no standard guideline to follow when building a BIM/VDC team.

Purpose/Goal of Task

In order to create more consistency across the construction management space, CanBIM will develop a guideline or benchmark for BIM/VDC career titles, positions and hierarchy within construction management sector. The guideline will help define standard roles and hierarchy, provide valuable information about responsibilities within these positions and required experience and education in order to fulfill the role.

Participating Think Tanks

Task Group


Vincent Plourd

Director, VDC - Chandos

Gary Schulte

National BIM Manager - Maple Reinders


Deep Bavishi

Student - Concordia University

Rajat Bhardwaj

Design Engineer - Concordia University

Dipesh Donda

Research Assistant - Concordia University