zipBoard improves document review for AEC teams using a document review and collaboration platform. By bringing stakeholders and documents onto one platform, zipBoard enables real-time or asynchronous collaboration. The markup tools within zipBoard help streamline the review and coordination process, saving about 40% of time spent on review and approvals.


AEC teams deal with several documents and digital assets during construction and one of the main challenges they face is efficient stakeholder collaboration on construction submittals and other construction documents to enable the construction process to begin. Due to this challenge, construction start time is usually delayed due to the delays in construction document reviews.

Also, as a result of the number of documents AEC teams deal with, without a platform that integrates seamlessly with their document management system, they often have to deal with moving documents from one location to another for review - and this often leads to loss of documents and lack of clarity in reviews.

Lastly, due to the nature of the construction documents, construction teams who do not use document markup and management tools risk getting clear feedback from clients and also saving time on construction document reviews to speed up the production time by at least 40%.

That was why zipBoard was developed.

zipBoard is a centralized web-based document review/markup and management tool that allows internal and external stakeholders to collaborate easily on digital assets including PDF documents, zip files, websites, web apps, videos, and images. zipBoard was found to help teams streamline their review and approval processes and workflows.


zipBoard accelerates and streamlines the review and approval process for digital assets including PDF documents, zip files, URLs, videos, and images - at scale. zipBoard makes visual collaboration easier for construction teams and organizations of all sizes and enables you to cut feedback time by at least 40%  to start the construction process in time.

For efficient collaboration issues, zipBoard provides a single web-based platform for both internal and external stakeholders to collaborate on multiple digital assets - including construction documents - with ease.

Additionally, with the integration challenge, zipBoard provides custom APIs that allow construction teams to seamlessly integrate the tool with their document management systems to prevent the movement of documents from one place to another.

Hence, AEC teams can review construction documents right from their DMS and the comments and feedback will automatically sync with zipBoard for easy task management.

Lastly, zipBoard provides mark-up and annotation tools to enable stakeholders to leave contextual feedback on the documents or any type of digital assets under review.

zipBoard was founded in  2015 when Bhavya Aggarwal - Founder & CEO - realized the need for a better collaboration tool for developers, testers, clients, and other stakeholders working together all over the world.

Like many distributed teams, her team had to cycle through multiple tools to communicate change requests for content and product development. Consequently, the need for a centralized platform where team members, clients, and stakeholders seamlessly collaborate was immense, and the idea of zipBoard was conceived.

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