Delivering critical infrastructure requires a new approach. One that prioritizes engagement, accelerates decision-making, and enhances equity and accessibility. Cloud-based, interactive solutions are essential to achieve improved outcomes. PlanEngage integrates data with documentation and bridges the gap between technical experts and the public to foster a deeper understanding of complex projects.


In today's increasingly digital landscape, we face multifaceted challenges posed by the pervasive influence of technology on our projects. The integration of technology has become intrinsic to our decision-making processes, yet the realm of project delivery has been somewhat untouched by the technological revolutions seen in other domains.

Traditional environmental impact statements (EIS) for infrastructure projects exemplify these challenges. These reports are notorious for their complexity, spanning an average of 4.5 years in duration and amassing a daunting 600 pages. This complexity gives rise to several issues. First, transparency and achieving stakeholder alignment become significant hurdles. The sheer volume of technical information can overwhelm stakeholders, thereby contributing to misunderstandings and hampering community engagement. Second, regulatory agencies often grapple with understaffing, adding to project delays and compounding overall inefficiencies. Finally, the intricate nature of these reports leaves room for legal disputes, posing a threat of lawsuits that can not only further hinder project progress, but also result in costly legal battles and lengthy delays.

The recent global pandemic has also brought to light the significant inequities and issues around limited access to mobility and other basic amenities that can exist among those in under-served and/or under-represented communities.

Addressing these technological and socio-economic challenges requires a paradigm shift in project delivery. By leveraging digital tools and innovative approaches that streamline processes, enhance transparency, and foster more meaningful community engagement, we can mitigate project delays and cost overruns, while creating more equitable infrastructure that creates access and opportunity for all.


AECOM's PlanEngage revolutionizes planning by introducing a cloud-based approach that extends engagement throughout the project's duration. This innovative platform seamlessly integrates data with project documentation, ensuring that information remains embedded within the project framework.

It can support many projects, and associated communication and engagement strategies including:

  • Environmental impact assessments and other environmental approval processes
  • Transportation planning
  • Environmental management
  • Resilience and climate adaptation
  • Contaminated land investigation and remediation
  • Mine rehabilitation and closure
  • Residential and commercial development
  • Municipal, provincial and federal government initiatives

PlanEngage's digital solution redefines the planning process, facilitating enhanced communication among stakeholders, expediting decision-making, and streamlining review cycles. By eliminating unnecessary delays, project milestones are met on time and within budget.

The platform's user-friendly interface makes navigating documents a breeze, offering a range of features such as interactive maps, multimedia elements and 3D renderings. These dynamic visualizations not only simplify complex technical topics but also breathe life into them, enabling stakeholders to gain deeper project.

PlanEngage also prioritizes accessibility and mobile-friendly information sharing. This functionality empowers community members to actively participate and pose questions at their convenience, regardless of the device they use or how they access the information. By fostering higher levels of engagement, we can reach a broader audience and amplify the diversity of voices contributing to the project's success.

Recognizing the impact a tool like this can have on our industry, PlanEngage is also a commercial solution. Agnostic of AECOM, stakeholders and major industry groups can use this forward-thinking digital solution to help transform their projects.

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