Crewscope improved labour productivity with Ellisdon Industrial at the Capital Line LRT by 11%. We achieved this result by using the app to set clear targets and communicate progress with the workers. The crew earned reward points when they achieved the schedule, and were more proactive on-site.


Site leaders struggled to motivate workers; some were punching the clock. In the past, site leaders would motivate their crews with threats since they could easily replace anyone not performing. Fear does not work today, and site leaders need new ways to manage their crews.

Skilled workers can be more productive, take ownership, and show initiative, but these frustrations are holding them back:

  • Unclear goals and expectations
  • Not enough information about their jobs and how they are performing
  • Little recognition for excellent work
  • No incentive to go over and above

Some of the best builders try to solve these pains by engaging workers and creating great job site experiences. However, these efforts depend on extraordinary site leaders and are hard to scale consistently and fairly across projects.


To build the best job site experience, the best leaders consistently:   Set goals. Goals motivate us and help us take the initiative.   Communicate progress so we can act proactively and achieve targets.   Design win-win incentives so crews win when the company wins.   Build camaraderie. Construction is fun when we work towards common goals and win together. It helps build trust.   Measure and improve unit productivity. We need to know where we are to learn and improve.   Close the gap between work imagined and performed by articulating bid assumptions and site reality so that we can set reasonable expectations.

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