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Our Vision

Building Transformations’s vision is to advance civilization and improve our built environment through developing a robust community of industry-leading practitioners from building and infrastructure industry, who are proactively engaged in the effective deployment of digital technologies and processes.

Our Strategy

Building Transformations's strategy is to lead, educate, advocate and engage our membership and industry to achieve our operational goals.


By organizing Canada’s building and infrastructure community to achieve a common goal of substantially consistent use of digital technologies and processes in Canada.


Through facilitating and fostering a closer relationship between educational institutions and the building and infrastructure industry through innovative learning opportunities and initiatives.


By using our Industry Think Tanks and various platforms to develop best practices, scopes of work, guidelines and document standardization.


By reaching out to industry leaders, speaking on behalf of our members and engaging a broader community directly in debate and initiatives around the Canadian digital transformation and adoption of new technologies and processes.

Operational goals

Building Transformations will implement its strategy by achieving the following operational goals.


Building Transformations will host events where our Building Transformations Members and industry leaders will discuss and decide upon key issues relating to digital technologies and processes.


Building Transformations will grow the membership and professional affiliations for the purpose of fostering collaboration, communication, and community.


Building Transformations will create opportunities to showcase the innovative work of our Members, establishing and recognizing our Members as industry leaders.


Building Transformations will deliver a Certification benchmark for assessing individuals, companies and educational curriculum against nationally standardized and recognized levels of Digital Project Delivery Competency and Process Management.


Building Transformations will actively engage and foster opportunities within the Academic and Research community to ensure future generations of professionals are given the opportunity to develop networks and knowledge.


Building Transformations will work toward unifying and engaging Canadian associations, councils, and organizations that advocate for the use of digital technologies and processes within the building and infrastructure industry.