October 28, 2022

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The Calgary Cancer Centre will provide one of the most comprehensive cancer care services in the world, through its extensive scope and integration of services. It enables research and optimized care for prevention, early detection, psychosocial care, and precision medicine, featuring inpatient and outpatient services and innovative radiation treatment vaults.

Modern Niagara was the mechanical contractor under PCL for this project, and was faced with the challenge of producing one of the largest and most complex COBie Deliverables to date in Canada with the collection of over 80,000 data points. COBie provides a platform for organizations to maintain data continuity though construction, turnover, and facility management.

The challenging project scope and data capture logistics were tackled by a robust workflow, tracking systems, and QAQC processes, culminating in an effective Digital Supply Chain. The inclusion of COBie further facilitates an owner’s ability to manage, maintain and operate their facilities efficiently and cost-effectively, via a Digital Twin Model. Continuing to leverage construction teams with BIM technology empowers the engineering and construction industries to provide their services and expertise to a growing global market.

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12:00PM–1:00PM ET
Calgary Cancer Centre COBie Workflow
Calgary Cancer Centre COBie Workflow
Calgary Cancer Centre COBie Workflow
Calgary Cancer Centre COBie Workflow
Dominic Ling
VDC Designer - Modern Niagara
Clinton D'Costa
VDC Project Lead - Modern Niagara


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