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Orbiseed Technology

By Jack Liu, Co-founder and CEO, Orbiseed Technology

Orbiseed helps innovative AECOO companies transform their business by developing and integrating AI technology that layers over their existing workflows. Working together with the executives and product users, we help to close more sales, improve efficiency, and manage building data in a changing market. I am a third-generation engineer. Having worked in engineering in the past, I started to realize that a major downfall of the role involves performing a series of repetitive, time-consuming and mundane tasks, and yet they require a high-knowledge worker to complete. I graduated from the University of Waterloo, and a program known for its entrepreneurial ecosystem. These experiences inspired me to think about how we can collaborate to make the engineer's job more efficient, engaging and insight-driven, and make better business decisions.

Orbiseed is on a mission to build better workflows for the AECOO industry. Architects, engineers, contractors, owners, and operators are inundated with data that requires a lot of manual effort to aggregate and synthesize to be digestible and useful. The current process is inefficient and prone to human error. Non-standardized data inputs and decentralized data sources must be gathered, analyzed, and shared. Knowledge-transfer is also an issue. It takes time, and years in the field to learn how to process such workflows and execute them quickly. Orbiseed works together with innovative leaders in AECOO industry to implement a faster, more cost-effective, and insight-driven solution that only requires verification by the high-value worker versus administration.

One of the biggest challenges in the AECOO industry is a lack of standardization with data collection and input. This isn't because a standard doesn't already exist, but rather, too many standards exist! It is very difficult to pick one standard over another. Orbiseed is solving this issue by turning static data into dynamic data with its AI technology. So, rather than trying to adhere to a single standard, the data will dynamically transform to adhere to multiple standards. Our benchmark for success is when companies of varying complexities and workflows are able to adapt and evolve with the least amount of change required. The best part is that our AI overlays any platform and existing or future workflow.

Innovation funding and investment is definitely a key strength for Canada, and the nation is increasingly seen as a world leader in building software and technology. Similar to other technology companies, this has allowed Orbiseed to scale quickly. Since its inception in 2019, Orbiseed has grown to a team of 16 and raised over $2.5 million in funding. We are grateful to have the support of many government initiatives like SRED, IRAP and BDC, and entrepreneur ecosystems like Founder Institute, MaRS and Techstars, which have significantly helped us to raise funding, recruit top talent and generate sales.

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