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By Kevin Forestell, CEO, and Rebecca Grieb, Director, Marketing, both, Dozr

DOZR offers marketplace and ecommerce solutions for the online rental of heavy equipment. DOZR.com offers the world’s largest fleet of heavy equipment and has quickly become the contractor’s first choice for online equipment rentals. DOZR Powered ecommerce solutions including WebStores enable equipment suppliers and rental houses the opportunity to digitize their businesses through ecommerce.

Founded by experienced construction and technology veterans, DOZR connects contractors and rental companies, ensuring a touchless, ecommerce equipment rental experience. Coming from the landscape construction industry, DOZR co-founders started the company from a personal need they had within their own landscaping business at the time – getting their idle equipment moving.

DOZR isn’t an industry disruptor but rather an enabler for the entire industry. We help to facilitate online rental transactions, something that has never been done before in the construction industry. We are enabling more efficient processes for both those looking to rent equipment and companies looking to rent out their equipment online. This is the future of work in our industry.

The real innovation with DOZR is with real time data, pricing and availability of equipment. What used to take a series of phone calls now takes a click to completely book equipment online. Equipment rental companies are also able to be more efficient in their processes – making it easier on both the sales reps and rentals houses themselves. With WebStores and our e-commerce solutions, sales teams can focus on what they do best.

At DOZR we rely on net promoter scores as a key metric for benchmarking our success. Seeing customers coming back repeatedly, rental after rental, consistently relying on DOZR for their equipment rental needs – this is success. Positive feedback from our partners as they accept rentals online, time and time again is what benchmarking success looks like for them. As far as challenges go, in the new world of working from home while operating a rapidly scaling startup, half of our team has never stepped foot in the office. Building a solid culture during these virtually focused times is a challenge that we have faced in 2020 – we have embraced it fully and our team is thriving.

DOZR has some fantastic investors from Canada and the United States with deep roots in both the technology and construction industries. We are happy and proud to have these investors on our board and to scale the company across North America alongside them. Similar to how we identify operational partners, we look for finance partners who have shared values and deep industry expertise and knowledge.

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