Victaulic Tools For Revit® (VTFR) provides industry-leading software solutions that are redefining timelines, milestones and efficiencies for MEP projects.


Riser layout and design challenges.

To layout and design, a piping riser for expansion and contraction takes hours to days to engineer and then later model in Revit. Then this design needs to be reworked to be constructive and easily fabricated in the shop by the contractor. Victaulic Tools for Revit new Riser Tool simplifies the process by reading the levels in the model to auto-populate a menu to configure the new riser. Using the Riser Tool riser creation is standardized based on good engineering practice and smart prefabrication strategies.


Customers asked and we listened. Risers have been a challenge for Engineers and Contractors to get right in a cost-effective package. Victaulic’s VDC software developers work with our internal engineers to develop a tool to simplify the process from design to construction.

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