CanBIM is excited to present this year's Trailblazer Award to John Ringness, Managing Director at NEXT FMS for his continued efforts to grow and improve the CanBIM community.

John is the current Chair of the Digitization and Data Think Tank. John has contributed extensively to improving processes and decision-making within the CanBIM Think Tank Program actively meeting with the CanBIM team to drive improvements and engage industry members to address key challenges in our industry. John is an active ambassador who has also actively pursued and engaged new potential members to join CanBIM and our Think Tank program helping to grow the community. Hosting productive meetings with his Think Tank team and driving new tasks within the group, John has taken a methodical approach to developing tasks and steps to improve CanBIM as an organization and the deliverables his Think Tank is working to develop.

Congratulations John Ringness, this award is well deserved. Enjoy!



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