Leading the way in digital transformation, the Parsons’ Paradim® team developed a 3D digital twin platform that leverages the integration of project ecosystems, automation, and custom apps to sync real-time data into Paradim’s “single pane of glass” solution.


During the Highway 401 Expansion project, COVID-19 forced employees to continue project work virtually. The challenges created by uncertainties, the lack of face-to-face collaboration and communication, and reduced transparency, resulted in slower productivity and activity delays.

Communication, collaboration, and transparent reporting between team members and partners have always been common challenges when executing project delivery. Most large joint venture projects lack a solid digital solution to encompass all integrated digital delivery on a single web platform. The biggest challenge is demonstrated by interoperability and integration of various applications with different formats, files, and proprietary data. Software, files, and data don’t live in the same ecosystem, therefore won’t be able to communicate or exchange information.

In anticipation of these possible challenges, the Parsons team implemented the Paradim® solution to ensure users continued to perform and execute project deliveries and milestones. This scalable and secure solution allows users to access the specific tools for site interaction and reporting, with advance custom automation, flexible applications and integration across a collaborative ecosystem, and has the ability to extract and sync data from application sources for accessibility to relevant parties of the project.


Single Pane of Glass Solution: Key asset information, such as safety, quality, cost, schedule, and project documents flow into Paradim® enabling the user to analyze massive amounts of data efficiently. It allows for higher levels of transparency and collaboration using real-time and actionable information.

Intuitive User-Interface: Anyone can use Paradim®. Designed for non-BIM users and created to be user friendly, Paradim® simplifies the process of accessing all project information by using the interactive and bi-directional 3D model interface. There is no requirement of knowledge of various disparate AEC software applications.

Life Cycle Asset Management: Upon handover, facility managers can use Paradim® to readily access as-built data representing the complete physical and functional characteristics of the asset, enabling asset performance monitoring in context of the actual built environment data.

Secured Data Access: Paradim® provides secured access to data through encrypted gateways. Robust identity management and row level security ensures that users only have access to the data relevant to them.

Paradim® Coordinated Model will be used for schedule sequencing and coordination through 4D model visualizations (3D model integrated with schedule). Design models will be further integrated with projects ECM systems using DBJV’s Paradim® Vision, our dashboards to provide a single source of truth for the project. This will enhance project communication and transparency for all project stakeholders.

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