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CanBIM is Building Transformations

Posted on
January 25, 2022

Toronto (January 20, 2022) – On December 16th 2021 CanBIM held its annual meeting of the members to consider a proposal to rebrand  the organization to Building Transformations. We are delighted to announce that this  special resolution was passed and  CanBIM is now in the process of rebranding all of its programs and activities under its new name Building Transformations.

The annual general meeting was attended by over 200 members.   Thomas Strong, CEO and Chair of the Board explained “The challenges facing our industry have evolved, our membership has evolved and our brand must evolve to properly represent what we do. We have always had a very broad focus and a broad set of initiatives that focus on all technologies and innovation. This new branding will better align our name with our purpose which help us drive our mission effectively: “

In advance of the vote, Strong interviewed two of the organization Directors to help clarify the organization's new direction. Helen Goodland of Scius Advisory and Mark Cichy, Director of Design Technology at HOK. Helen explained “BIM is only one part of a story about technology.  We need to recover from the pandemic, improve the industry and most importantly address the climate emergency. We have to be so much more accountable and measurable in the work that we do and technology underpins that. Companies are looking for somewhere to host discussions about the intersection of design processes and manufacturing.  We are shifting from analog to digital and I think this brand captures this moment in the industry.”

Mark Cichy, added that “The industry is far broader and connected than ever before. We therefore need to advance the way we work across all disciplines and the interconnected supply chain.  Building Transformations is expanding our scope to share advancements across the entire community.  We will continue to diversify our membership, focusing on business and data processes and the benefits they create for all partners and collaborators.”  

Building Transformations is excited to deliver on our mission to define and advance the future practices of the building and infrastructure industry. We are the catalyst for digital transformation delivering the technology and Innovation that shapes our civilization.   As part of our new strategy Gerry Lattmann announced an exciting schedule of events and broadcasts for 2022;  “Building Transformations will focus on Strategies to industrialize Construction, sustainability, the innovation economy, digital transformation and much more. We will be streaming across all platforms designed to deliver impactful and informative content to help drive our strategic plan.”

The vote to ratify this formal name change to our organization is the first step of many in transforming our organization’s branding.  Building Transformations membership will begin to experience the new look and feel over the course of the year as we make tactical decisions regarding all of our programs.  Building Transformations will continue to co-brand  all of its activities and initiatives over the next 12 months to ensure that the organization continues to maintain its credibility and presence in the industry while ensuring that we transition our broad audience to our new home at https://www.canbim.com/building-transformations.

With over 1,100 members, Building Transformations is North America's largest innovation in technology  not-for-profit organization focused on the building and infrastructure industry. The organization was formed in 2008, (under the name “The Canada BIM  Council”, later transitioning to “CanBIM” in 2018) to focus on improving the performance of the building industry through new collaborative approaches enabled by technology.  Since its inception the organization has grown tremendously and has executed over 200 events across Canada  reaching an annual audience of over 100,000.  The organization is  uniquely made up of the  technology and innovation leaders from all parts of the building industry including owners, developers, architects, engineers, building professionals, supply chain and technology developers and leading startups who are all focussed on working collaboratively to share best practices that shape the future of our industry.

The building transformations logo features an abstract form which represents the construction and assembly of 7 geometric elements.  These elements combine to form an abstract “B” and “T”  representing the name of the organization.  The colour of the logo features a bold new colour scheme of diverse complementary tones of deep gamboge, violet and cyan. These colours represent the diversity in industry and expertise which come together to  collaborate.


As a non-for-profit Building Transformations is governed by elected members of its’ membership who serve on the Board of Directors.  Members Participate in the organization through multiple programs including; events, trade shows, awards, think tanks, certification, data and research, training and skills development.

CanBIM Social Media: LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook

About  Building Transformations - https://www.canbim.com/building-transformations

Building Transformations is a nation-wide not-for-profit organization that serves as Canada's business voice for the entire building and infrastructure community who are collectively working to advance civilization and improve the built environment through adopting and implementing digital technologies and practices.

Contact médias : Gerry Lattmann – Directeur exécutif – glattmann@canbim.com


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