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Building Transformations Elects New Board Members at the 2023/24 Annual General Meeting

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February 19, 2024
February 6, 2024

Building Transformations is excited to announce the elections & ratifications that took place at the 2023/24 Annual meeting

Alex Belkofer, CM-BIM, Senior Director, Virtual Design & Construction at McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

Elected for a 3 year term

As a regional leader and national collaborator at McCarthy, Alex is responsible for the overall strategy, implementation, and execution of the virtual design and construction (VDC) lifecycle process between all project stakeholders. From corporate office to construction site, the VDC Team promotes, trains and guides project teams through BIM-enabled uses and workflows over the course of a building’s project lifecycle.

Alex’s passion and drive for construction technology is to push the industry to leverage best-in-class solutions focused on effective project delivery and lean principles for value-added outcomes. Welcome aboard, Alex!

Aaron Toppston, Managing Partner at GS Futures

Elected for a 3-year term

Aaron brings with him over 15 years of diverse work experience spanning three major industries: finance, construction, and insurance. His expertise includes technology venture investment, project finance, and M&A activities.

Currently, he serves as the Managing Partner of GS Futures' early stage venture fund, which concentrates on real estate and construction technology. This fund is backed by GS E&C, one of the world's largest contractors and a subsidiary of GS Group, a prominent Korean conglomerate. Welcome aboard, Aaron!

Lina Stinnett, Senior Manager for Integrated Construction Technology (ICT) at PCL Construction

Appointment ratified for 3 year term

At PCL, Lina oversees the corporate ICT team and strategy that influences all districts both nationally and internationally. Through her twenty years of experience in design and construction, she carried her passion for Virtual Design from the architectural side to being one of the early adopters and advocates for Virtual Construction on the general contractor side. Lina applies her construction and technology expertise to help elevate the company’s processes and efficiencies, and drive innovative change. She also strives to increase PCL’s technology prominence in the industry. Welcome aboard, Lina!


Building Transformations is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable and innovative building practices. Through research, education, and collaboration, Building Transformations works with industry stakeholders to drive positive change in the building sector. The organization aims to create a more sustainable future by transforming the way buildings are designed, constructed, and operated.

Building Transformations is excited to deliver on our mission to define and advance the future practices of the building and infrastructure industry. We are the catalyst for digital transformation delivering the technology and Innovation that shapes our civilization!


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