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Brand New Team Certification Improves Value and Collaboration

Pietro Ferrari
Pietro Ferrari
Posted on
August 29, 2022

Building Transformations is now offering CanBIM Team Certification as a new program for Member Companies looking to certify 10 or more team members. Built for leading organizations who are dedicated to developing a proactive, sustainable, and healthy BIM and DPD eco-system in Canada, All Building Transformations Certification Programs are an efficient way to benchmark expertise and experience across an organization and be recognized as leaders by the broader architecture, engineering, construction and owner/operator industry.

As a new program, this process begins with a kick-off meeting between Building Transformations and the Member Company to outline the application, requirements, expectations, and goals. If you're interested in this, get in touch with us at certification@buildingtransformations.org. The turnaround from kick-off to Certificates is approximately four months provided Applicants meet all deadlines through the process.

Building Transformations has just completed the first two rounds of Team Certification with great success, welcoming a combined 60+ new Certified Individuals to the Professional Certification Program. Guiding the Applicants and the company through the entire application process, while providing a discounted rate per applicant delivers tremendous value to member companies. To learn more and see the value our first featured company, BIM One, found in the process, watch the video below.


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