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Automating The Handover of Deliverables

Posted on
February 19, 2020
February 10, 2017

The proper understanding and utilisation of data throughout the lifecycle of infrastructure projects and transitioning into operations offers well-known opportunities for vendors supporting the AECO community. There are many systems, such as BIM For Facilities Management, which handle this transition process by establishing a common project environment that is used throughout the lifecycle of a project as well as into operations.

One of the struggles with implementing a common project environment is ensuring that everyone is following the prescribed data population workflows. The busy project personnel often do not have the time to enter the needed information, and an automated solution to load their information into the systems would help ensure proper utilisation. To make these systems viable and cost-efficient for owners, we must cut the cost of implementation, reduce the time it takes for people to continuously load information into the system, increase the accuracy of the data entered, and ensure the systems have all the data required for operations.

Another struggle is that sometimes owners do not want to change their lifecycle project workflows, waiting until project completion to begin the implementation of their data solutions. This causes additional cost in setting up a vendor’s operational solution. The vendor must spend significant time and money processing the various deliverables and populating their solutions as the infrastructure moves into production.

Agile Handover & Automation Solutions has created a solution that solves the paradigm of "Engineering is File-centric and Operations is Asset-centric." The solution harvests data from a wide variety of sources, validates the content of that data, and organizes it in a manner that is suitable for loading into vendor systems. Our efficient solution automates the population of such systems up to 6 times as fast as the tradition method, finally making it affordable to transfer information from infrastructure files to any vendor solution.

Agile Handover makes data transformation and aggregation more simple and efficient. They have created harvesters that can process information from structured as well as un-structured data that resides in any format, and aggregate and transform the data real-time. This system provides greater efficiency by automating the capture of data buried in deliverables instead of requiring users to enter it manually. It also captures the relationship information real-time, and provide a simple user interface to define the transformations which are usually done by developers.

The solution performs checks and balances to ensure the data meets the needs of the vendor system. It provides mechanisms to check the accuracy of the deliverables, collaboration tools for the team, and online reports on various data deficiencies.

The system is easily adaptable to existing projects, configurable for new projects and interacts with a wide variety of industry standards. This is due to the fact that our proprietary formula’s and machine learning algorithms are easily customizable to align with different project configurations.

About Agile Handover & Automation Solutions

Agile Handover is a technology innovator with expertise in both the engineering and operations world. We provide innovative tools to deal with the transition of handover information into operational systems. We help vendors to prove the value of their solution with owners. Our solution focuses on the management, verification, and transformation of disparate handover data from project deliverables into an asset based operational environment. Our solutions provide tools to manage owner specifications, transform various deliverables into the owner's required format, verify the content of the deliverables, and distribute the information into a vendor’s solution.

About Jeff Nolan

Jeff is the co-founder of Agile Handover & Automation solutions, and is an industry expert on understanding the needs of owners and designing solutions for them to understand and take advantage of the data they have. Prior to founding his company, Jeff worked for Bentley Systems as a Systems Consultant to help owners implement large-scale data management solutions for campus owners. Prior to this, he worked on many large design/build projects for a private engineering company managing the BIM Process and dealing with owners to ensure their requirements were met.


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