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Building the Canada We Want in 2050

CanBIM's National Infrastructure Assessment Feedback

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Recently, the Government committed to conduct a National Infrastructure Assessment to identify the needs and priorities for our country’s infrastructure, and plan for a net-zero emissions future by 2050. This work will build on the Government’s 12-year Investing in Canada Plan. Evidence-based and long-term infrastructure planning are global best practices recommended by the International Monetary Fund and Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, and have already been undertaken by countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia.

Canada is at a critical juncture. The Federal government's ambition to build 21st century infrastructure must be matched with stronger infrastructure planning practices and priority-setting. Their vision is that the National Infrastructure Assessment will provide independent advice based on data, varied expertise and engagement, on how infrastructure investments can best achieve our core objectives by focusing on three priorities:

  1. Assessing infrastructure needs and establishing a long-term vision;
  2. Improving coordination among infrastructure owners and funders; and
  3. Determining the best ways to fund and finance infrastructure.

CanBIM reached out to over 60 of its Think Tank Members and collected their thoughts and insights that lead to an official response from the CanBIM Board of Directors. Read CanBIM's official response below:

July 2021