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Lauréat du prix Trailblazer 2019

Interview with Harsh Vyas

CanBIM: Tell us about your background and why you chose to dedicate your time to the CanBIM community?

My name is Harsh Vyas and I am a Virtual Design and Construction Coordinator at EllisDon. After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering, I have pursued my interest in technology and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) process. Currently, I am working as a VDC Coordinator on the Portland Flood Protection and Enabling Infrastructure project at EllisDon. My role includes VDC coordination, review, supporting VDC training and involvement across the project team.

I came to know about CanBIM while pursuing Building Information Modeling and Integrating Practices from Fanshawe College. Since I have started working with CanBIM as a marketing and research associate, I learn about new construction trends, including Artificial Intelligence, Augmented reality, Digital twin, 3D printing, Drone surveys, Dynamo, etc. CanBIM has provided me a great platform to make connections with industry leaders from all over the world. I would encourage everyone in the construction industry to join CanBIM as it gives us a lot of opportunities which can help us grow our career.

CanBIM: What technologies do you think will disrupt the AECOO industry the most?

Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and Automation have great potential to transform the AECOO industry, but I think it still required more time to be utilised as it often requires software knowledge which is not a common skill in the AECOO industry. Moreover, 3D printing and AR/VR will have a high impact on our industry in the future.

CanBIM: What interests you most about the future of the AECOO industry?

My most favorite topics are Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning for Better Design of Buildings Through Generative Design. As being a VDC Coordinator, I think it can add value to the project and help the team to achieve their main goal, which is “complete the project on time and budget”. 3D printing technology can also play a vital role to make construction process faster and efficient. The ability to use curvilinear forms, rather than being cost and process limited to rectilinear forms, opens a whole new scope of design.

CanBIM: What does it mean to you to have received the 2019 Trailblazer Award?

It is an incredible honour to be recognized by CanBIM and to have been provided with an opportunity to work with and learn from other individuals and experts who are making meaningful contributions to the advancement of digital transformation within the construction industry. This experience has allowed me to push my career forward and contribute more towards EllisDon and the AECOO industry.

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Harsh Vyas

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