Chair: Stephanie Fleming, Viking Fire Protection Inc.
Co-Chair: Calin Vaida, Plan Group

What is the driving purpose for the Trades & Supply Chain Think Tank?

The TSC Think Tank’s driving purpose is to level the playing field when it comes to BIM implementation within any project. By this, we mean ensuring that the requirements and expectations for BIM implementation relative to trades is clearer for all stakeholders so that everything from the bidding process to project closeouts is done fairly, effectively and efficiently.

What immediate industry challenges is your Think Tank currently addressing?

Although we have yet to solidify our challenges based on group input (new year, new group, fresh start), the following challenges are a few with which we would like to start the dialogue. We would like to understand how we can ensure trades are involved earlier in the BIM process. We would like to define BIM terms to ensure greater clarity of BIM expectations between project stakeholders, and determine where we can store/share/modify these terms? And further to this, we would like to identify interested stakeholders that share this challenge.

What needs to happen for your Think Tank to address these challenges?

To move forward with our problem-solving, we would like to reach out to the trades and supply chain community, invite them to join us in this effort to reach and refine our goals. With an established and diverse group of perspectives at the table, we would then bite off the challenges in smaller pieces in order to maintain the attention and commitment of our members. If you are a member of the trades or supply chain community and you are interested in leveling the playing field please connect with us via the Think Tanks section on the CanBIM website.

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