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Timescapes is a visual intelligence platform for remote construction monitoring. It allows busy construction management professionals to monitor construction projects remotely — in real-time — and make better-informed decisions to lower costs, reduce schedule delays, mitigate risk, and engage stakeholders.

The platform uses visual Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze high-resolution timelapse images captured by our cableless jobsite cameras and delivers real-time data and analytics to everyone on the project team.

Established in New Zealand in 2017, Timescapes is quickly becoming a must-have on construction sites globally. It is currently used by over 100 leading construction companies on over 400 projects in Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

Data-Driven Decision Making

TImescapes’ mission is to empower stakeholders in construction projects with the crucial information they require to enhance safety, reduce costs, and accelerate project completion.

Timescapes’ real-time data and analytics provide remote visibility so project teams can spend less time travelling and more time utilizing their valuable skills across multiple projects simultaneously. 

One in every three projects runs over time, budget or both due to poor communication between project organization layers*. Our visual intelligence data creates transparency and accountability across project teams as it provides real-time answers to what, when, and why the specific activity is happening on site and encourages continuous improvement to construction processes and schedules.

It also helps tackle issues like disputes, which, on average, cost $52.6 million and take 15.4 months to resolve.** When you have the ability to see what’s happening on your site in real-time, disputes can be quickly resolved, allowing projects to progress smoothly.

Manage Jobsites from the Palm of your Hand

Visual data plays a crucial role in construction, yet a significant amount of daily activity on construction sites remains undocumented and unanalyzed. This leads to a loss of valuable information that could help improve processes, enhance schedules, and drive efficiencies in construction.

Enter Timescapes — our easy-to-install jobsite cameras serve as primary data collection points which feed visual information to our AI engine for analysis. The results are delivered to unlimited stakeholders via a user-friendly platform, offering a comprehensive record of the entire construction process. Plus, because our cameras are cableless, they can be installed anywhere so we can get better vantage points and adds significantly more value than competitive solutions.

Construction data delivered by Timescapes can be overlaid with environmental data like temperature, precipitation, etc. so construction managers can easily explain past delays and predict and mitigate future challenges. It can also be integrated with construction technology like BIM to overlay real-time images with project plans to compare progress, quality, and locality against the design plans.

Timescapes’ advanced visual AI analyzes images to automatically extract data on worker volume and activity, heavy equipment utilization, and concrete delivery truck volume and schedules. This information is valuable for health and safety reporting, dispute resolution, and resource optimization.

A New Era in Construction Technology

The construction industry can be reluctant to change so our challenge lies in convincing project stakeholders of the transformative impact of our technology. Once clients run a pilot project, however, our technology is usually adopted across the company. We have focused on building software that is incredibly easy to use so we are seeing really quick uptake from the teams. Plus, as new roles like VDC (Virtual Design & Construction) managers become more widespread in construction, we’re seeing the adoption of digital technologies increase.

We benchmark our success by user adoption and usage. To maximize the value for the construction team, project owners, and other stakeholders, we offer unlimited user access to Timescapes. This approach has proven to be successful, as we typically see an average of 45 active users per project once clients are onboarded. This high level of engagement highlights the ease of use and the value that our technology delivers.

We are unwavering in our belief that Timescapes’ visual intelligence technology will become de facto on all construction sites globally. Our team is dedicated to establishing a sustainable and long-lasting impact on the construction industry by revolutionizing it with valuable business insights to help  projects and companies run more efficiently. 

We are transforming the construction industry by providing better data and streamlined communication and collaboration. 

Currently, our primary focus is the Canadian construction market, where we see vast potential to replicate the success we have already achieved in Australia and New Zealand. We are eager to bring the benefits of visual intelligence to Canadian construction clients and drive positive change in the industry.

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