By Leonard Ivey, Co-Founder

Softdrive is putting the business computer onto the cloud. Softdrive is a powerful, streamed cloud machine with zero perceived latency. We leverage GPU’s in the cloud to deliver high performance, which can rival that of a desktop. Compared to other cloud computers, we are the only one that is fully managed, and at a price that rivals purchasing a physical machine. 

The AECOO industry is seeing a dramatic shift to 4D technology. The long-awaited “BIM is coming to projects” prophecy has finally arrived, with the majority of stakeholders recognizing the benefits of pre-construction 4D coordination. The problem, however, is that organizations are dealing with an influx of remote work and lacking the mobile computer infrastructure to handle power and mobility. Softdrive steps in as a perfect solution, leveraging the existing old or underpowered hardware, Softdrive provides the flexibility of work environments while handling the demanding workload.

Softdrive’s vision is to have all business computers on the cloud. The historic reality was that neither the internet nor datacenter infrastructure was ready. However, as bandwidth speeds increase with technologies such as fiber and 5G, and the internet becomes more accessible through low orbit satellites, a new reality of streaming services from anywhere on any device is unlocked. 

In the office, computers are our main productivity tool. Softdrive is ensuring office employees never have to worry about performance, remote work, or maintenance challenges again. Although a large number of our lives encompass streaming services via the cloud, Softdrive is still met with reluctance. When potential clients think of cloud computers, they typically think of historic virtual machines. These were slow, laggy, and expensive services that had low adoption rates due to a terrible end-user experience.  We are trying to show that there’s a new solution that now rivals the experience of a local device.

It is exciting to see so many domestic tech startups successfully receive investment while remaining within Canada. Tech ecosystems are rapidly developing across Canada which will lead to an increasing number of tech businesses and therefore investment. It is an exciting time for current and future entrepreneurs.

There seems to be a subtle difference if you are seeking investment from Canadian investors versus US investors; however, both are looking for similar stories. Glancing at the high-level formula, it would look something like: show the problem is real, demonstrate the solution through paying customers, understand the competition and the key differentiating factors, and communicate the path of how the product will dominate a large market. I would be wary of anyone who proclaims they know a “secret” or some “key strategy” about getting investment. There are tons of resources available from top VC’s about how to increase the chances of bringing on key partners.

Softdrive’s mission is to deliver a product that exceeds existing computer solutions and to provide an exceptionally good user experience. This experience is across an organization, from billing down to the end-user. The business model is a flat monthly subscription, which is predictable and advantageous for budgetary reasons. However, if the majority of customers suggest an alternative model, we would be open to it.

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