Chair: Catherine MacInnis, IBI Group
Co-Chair: Jason Lewis, WSP Canada

What is the driving purpose for the Project Delivery & Risk Management Think Tank?

Our PDRM Think Tank shares practical advice on how legal and risk management strategies relate to emerging design technologies and delivery methods. The ultimate goal is to help the CanBIM community leverage nascent design practices and concepts thereby delivering better projects with fewer hiccups and headaches along the way.

What immediate industry challenges is your Think Tank currently addressing?

The crux of our efforts have centered on educating stakeholders on the benefits of design technology vis-à-vis legal risk management. Our industry has developed wonderful design technology tools, which allow all members in the AECOO space to benefit from better project delivery, risk reduction, and cost savings.

Unfortunately, there is a degree of reluctance to employ design technologies and delivery methods – especially in the legal community. We think this reluctance is related to a fear of the unknown; people simply do not understand the technology. The more information and education we can provide to CanBIM members and their clients, the more successful we will all be.

What needs to happen for your Think Tank to address these challenges?

Outside of engaging new legal and risk perspectives into the PDRM Think Tank, we are in the process of addressing challenges through the following projects:

  • An article with industry leaders and stakeholders on the adoption of Integrated Project Delivery, Design Technology and BIM – highlighting the benefits for owners and clients;
  • Research on the intersection of AI, smart contracts and design technology;
  • Collaboration with the other CanBIM Think Tanks to create a glossary of terms and education on BIM adoption; and
  • Ongoing presentations on project delivery and emerging technologies that will provide the CanBIM community with more information to advocate for Design Technology and BIM beyond the design community.

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