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By Jack Sadler, Co-Founder, CEO

Part3 is a collaborative, data-driven app for architects and engineers (AE’s) to digitize time-consuming workflows, providing a view of project performance never seen before.

Founded by tech and construction professionals, Part3 is changing the way consultant teams work together during construction. This is not a disruption, but an enabler for consultant teams. Part3 provides architects and engineers with task automation and data-rich digital workflows for construction administration. A traditional consultant team would send thousands of emails, PDFs, Word documents, and spreadsheets that they are constantly trying to keep up with. Part3 is replacing those repetitive tasks and providing a truly collaborative platform. These tools help teams make better decisions faster and keep up with the ever-increasing pace of construction.

When it comes to construction administration, the issue with data is simple; it doesn’t exist. The processing and tracking of RFI’s, submittals, instructions, and change documents are managed through spreadsheets and email, making it impossible to analyze. Part3 is solving this problem through intelligent workflows and cloud-native technology that brings project teams together to work in real-time.

Equipped with this data, AE’s have the answers they need to run effective teams and avoid wasted time and money.  As is often the case, when a consultant firm is awarded a project, they provide a flat fee to the owner. Part3 helps consultants understand where their time is being spent, and where they are spending time that is above and beyond the original scope of their contract.

We started Part3 by focusing on the daily tasks associated with construction administration. We are successful when project teams adopt Part3 and integrate it into a team rapidly, with minimal change management and training. Consultant teams play such an integral role in the success of a project, it is time for technology to step in and make their lives easier!

Part3 has incredible entrepreneurial investors from Canada and the United States with deep roots in technology and B2B SaaS. The experience from our investors combined with the construction experience from the founders makes for a team we are proud to have in place as we scale the company across North America.

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