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Four Canadian Startups to look out for

Now a permanent feature in each issue of Innovation Spotlight, we wouldlike to introduce four Canadian startups that are disrupting and transformingthe building and construction landscape. Emerging from across thecountry to create efficiencies in workflows, tools, and technologies, theseorganizations are ambitious, enthusiastic, and determined to providesolutions for an industry that is aching for innovation.

The startups showcased hereafter are important voices in the industry, andare pivotal to the future growth of our markets. Involved in a number ofspecialties, ranging from e-commerce, FinTech, AI technologies, supplychain, and more, these companies are bringing digital transformationsto new, measurable verticals. while these are only a small sample of theinnovative platforms that are thriving here, the sheer variety of companiesand founders embodies the spirit of diverse talent and expertise acrossCanada, asserting us as a global competitive force.

At CanBIM, one of our goals is to highlight emerging technologies thatare disrupting traditional methods, helping to reduce environmentalimpact, contributing to the bottomline, and are supporting circularprocesses leading to a new Innovation economy. If you are interested inbeing featured or would like to suggest a start-up or new venture that is onyour radar, get in touch at innovationspotlight@canbim.com!

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