Chair: Geraldine Rayner, Summit BIM Consulting Co-Chair: Patrick Saavedra, York University

What is the driving purpose for the Development, Asset Management & Lifecycle Think Tank?

The DAML Think Tank is focused on the importance of owner-led BIM. The goal is to educate and expand the thinking of Owners and their industry partners to view BIM as a process-driven activity rather than as a software activity. We will demonstrate the long-term benefits for Facilities Maintenance and Operations of a defined BIM process in the procurement, maintenance, and operation of facilities.

What immediate industry challenges is your Think Tank currently addressing?

The DAML Think Tank will focus on two industry challenges:

  1. Establish a common set of BIM definitions and terms to be used within the Canadian AECOO industry. Working collaboratively with the Project Delivery & Risk Management (PDRM) Think Tank, we aim to remove ambiguity around the language used for BIM by creating Canadian BIM definitions that are linked to international terminology.
  2. Establish the key questions to ask before issuing an RFP with a BIM deliverable. We will define the key questions that those issuing RFP’s for a project, to be delivered using a BIM process for Design and Construction services, should have considered prior to issuing the RFP.

What needs to happen for your Think Tank to address these challenges?

Professionals from across the project lifecycle – Capital Planning through to Facilities Management – need to bring new ideas and solutions to the table to enable change. They need to assess the current state, bring in ideas from their own projects as well as local, national, and international sources, and propose solutions to the industry. The DAML Think Tank is looking forward to engaging passionate owners and facilities management professionals in our efforts to move the industry forward.

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