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Groupe de réflexion de la conception et l’ingénierie

Chair: Charles Fung, GEC Architecture
Co-Chair: Yiğitcan Karanfil, HOK Canada

What is the driving purpose for the Design & Engineering Think Tank?

The DE Think Tank’s driving purpose is to eliminate everyday issues faced by our industry through providing guidance and problem-solving approaches with BIM building blocks.

What immediate industry challenges is your Think Tank currently addressing?

The DE Think Tank is addressing everyday issues, such as adapting to unique BIM project requirements from different owners or negotiating acceptable terms; resolving conflicting interests across stakeholders; utilizing model information for analysis, and software interoperability.

What needs to happen for your Think Tank to address these challenges?

DE Think Tank needs to develop strategic guidance documents that will help the industry with technology implementation. We need to create an environment for discussion around technical, contractual, and collaboration issues encountered by designers on a daily basis. The DE Think Tank will deliver this discussion through events, articles, and live interactive panel discussions. Instead of focusing on technical problems that tend to get outdated quickly, we need to provide guidance and problem-solving tools that can be used universally throughout the industry. The DE Think Tank is looking forward to engaging passionate members who wish to move the industry forward and improve our civilization through the utilization of new technologies that better assist our day-to-day workflows.

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