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Groupe de réflexion de la gestion de la construction

Chair: Vincent Plourd, Chandos Construction
Co-Chair: Alena Tokareva, EllisDon Construction
Co-Chair: Yuri Bartzis, Pomerleau

What is the driving purpose for the Construction Management Think Tank?

The CM Think Tank is a group of industry leaders and innovators who are working together to push the boundaries of technology and process. Our driving purpose is to level the playing field for all sizes of construction firms around technology adoption. We do this through knowledge sharing and building awareness of the available technologies and how to integrate this technology into corporate operations and workflows.

What immediate industry challenges is your Think Tank currently addressing?

With the global need to deliver projects more efficiently, with less waste and increased productivity, BIM and related technologies are now more important than ever. And now with a global pandemic further accelerating the need for digital transformation, smaller to medium sized firms are in need of expertise and knowledge of BIM and related technologies. In the face of such rapid change, the CM Think Tank is looking to address knowledge gaps in the industry through the development of best practices documentation, knowledge sharing and technical training opportunities. The following is just a sample of some of the direct tasks we are working on to advance the industry:

  • Understanding career progression possibilities within a Construction Management firm and identifying potential roles and responsibilities.
  • Developing documentation to help firms understand the lifecycle of - BIM throughout a construction project.
  • Delivering an Industry Standards Repository to better understand - what resources are currently available in the industry.
  • Developing documentation around the necessary skill sets for an ideal VDC team within a Construction Management firm.

What needs to happen for your Think Tank to address these challenges?

We need active engagement and participation in our activities from all construction management firms and professionals. Through participating and sharing your perspective we are able to develop a holistic perspective of technology adoption and maturity across Canada. Our Think Tank is looking for additional members to participate in our Task Groups to address specific tasks and goals. The CM Think Tank produces surveys to gather information from CanBIM and industry members throughout the year, we hope you will take the time to provide your valuable input to help us move the industry forward. If you would like to get more involved, please sign up to join one of our Task Groups.

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