By Mike Richer, Content Marketing Manager

Bridgit is a construction technology company, founded in 2012 by Lauren Lake and Mallorie Brodie, that has built the leading workforce planning solution for general contractors, Bridgit Bench. For general contractors, managing their workforce effectively often requires operations teams to sift through multiple spreadsheets to find the information they need to make the best decisions with their people. With Bridgit Bench, we want contractors to feel confident they are allocating the right people, to the right projects, at the right time.

By capturing and accurately analyzing their workforce data, Bridgit aims to help general contractors create a more effective and profitable resource strategy. Bridgit Bench helps our customers take a people-first approach to their workforce strategy by providing:

  • Full visibility of their workforce across the organization — Full workforce visibility means not only do contractors know where their people are and where they are going next, but also having historical project information, certifications, skills, and general experience in one centralized location.
  • Long term project planning that includes project pursuits and opportunities — Bridgit Bench provides a 5 year look-ahead at the project pipeline. This helps contractors to easily visualize what’s coming down the pipeline, run scenarios to include specific pursuits, and better understand how their team is being utilized in the coming months and years.
  • Accurate recruitment forecasting to stay ahead of hiring trends — with an ongoing labor shortage, finding and hiring the right people takes time and energy. Accurate forecasting helps contractors stay proactive with recruitment efforts and avoid late crew build-up. 

The majority of data in construction goes uncollected and unused, with workforce planning being no exception. By collecting their workforce data (including skills, experience, certifications, project histories, current assignments, etc.), contractors will have better insight into their team’s project allocations and utilization rates, and be able to forecast project demand to better predict recruitment needs.

Construction is a unique industry with many nuances that impact how technology is adopted and used. At Bridgit, it has always been important for us to focus on our customers and ensure we are communicating the needs of our customers clearly with investors and other stakeholders. A strong customer-focus has been core to Bridgit since the very beginning and this is even more important when working with stakeholders who are used to working in a variety of industries. The same approach may not always work in our industry.

At Bridgit, we believe that people are core to the success of the construction industry. We see lots of opportunities for Bridgit to grow our product beyond workforce intelligence. We see our customers continually looking for ways to put their people first in decision making and are excited to work on additional solutions to aid in that. We see our business model changing to capture more product opportunities as we add more value to the platform.

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