By Gerry Lattmann, Executive Director, Building Transformations

2021 was a year of great progress at Building Transformations. To start with, late in 2021, the membership voted to change the name of the organization from “CanBIM” to “Building Transformations” to more appropriately reflect the subject matter that we have been covering for several years now.  In short, we are very excited about the many doors this name change will open, it will allow our organization to connect with a much broader audience while still maintaining our ties to our roots. 

Significant transformations are occurring in our industry, and with so many great subjects, challenges and issues that are all in some way connected, we felt the time had come to change the name to something that is more inclusive and allowed us to expand our opportunities. “CanBIM”, although a great brand with tremendous support from our membership over the years, has too narrow a focus for what we do. BIM will remain an important focus of our organization, and continue to be a subject that we talk about, but it cannot be the focal point of our mission. We are focused on transforming our industry and improving the lives of everyone on planet earth. We look forward to engaging our members in the many transformations that lay ahead. 

Over the coming months we will be transitioning to the new branding on all of our programs. The integrity and purpose of our programs and initiatives will remain intact. The biggest shifts outside of the branding will be the audience we will attract and engage. By shifting to “Building Transformations” we are able to focus on the bigger transformations occurring in the industry, we will be able to build relationships with key industry innovators and decision makers who are addressing the biggest challenges facing our industry. Stay tuned for updates throughout the year.

We also saw significant progress in our Certification program with the implementation of our digital application process that will serve to streamline our effort and the overall application process for our applicants. With a digital workflow in place, we also launched our Team Certification program that will enable companies to process up to 40 staff members through our Certification process within a 90-120 day window. This brings tremendous value for companies looking to verify their experience and be recognized by industry peers as having met an industry established and vetted benchmark.  Drop us a line if you would like to have your Team Certified.

Our Think Tank program has also seen significant growth, with three new Think Tanks forming in 2021. The Digital Twins, Smart City, and Design Computation and Intelligent Processes Think Tanks are developing new Task Groups to address issues within their subject matter focus. Building Transformations Think Tanks are groups of 12 passionate and engaged industry members with expertise in the subject matter of the Think Tank. Think Tank members meet on a monthly basis for the purpose of forming Task Groups that address important and universal industry challenges. If you would like to volunteer your time and join a Task Group or if you have deep expertise in any of our Think Tank subject matter areas we invite you to apply through our website. 

Our Events and Virtual Broadcasts program in 2021 covered important subjects such as Timber in the Digital Environment,  ISO19650, Estimating Technology and The Digital Frontier: Data and Information Driving the Facility Lifecycle. We also broadcast our Awards program, Innovation Spotlight Publication Launch and we hosted a number of COVID safe Member Golf Days and Networking Dinners. We launched the Building Transformations Interview Series, where our President and CEO, Thomas Strong connects with innovative industry leaders and decision makers about their perspective on disruptive trends in the market. It is insightful and informative content that allows our audience to hear from great leaders in our industry. Season one is now available on YouTube and our website. Production on season two is already underway. 2022 is looking like an even busier year, so please stay tuned and register for our upcoming events and social outings via our website. All of our event content and virtual broadcast content can be found by subscribing to our YouTube page. Subscribe today! 

If there is anything this year has taught us, it is that we need to be prepared to utilize technology to operate our business, we need to be able to adapt and we need to remain focused on our value proposition. We are here to serve our members and create value for their business.  As such, we would like to thank all of our Members for staying involved and supporting CanBIM, and now Building Transformations, through these evolving times. We look forward to your participation going forward.

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