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Prix Projection sur l’innovation de CanBIM, Lauréats de 2019

Recognizing the achievements of our members who demonstrate leadership and innovation in BIM

The Innovation Spotlight Awards are an annual opportunity to recognize CanBIM Member companies and individuals that are contributing to the digital transformation of the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Owner and Operator (AECOO) industry, showcasing their innovative use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and digital technologies. All of the 2019 Award recipients are highlighted in this year’s publication, showcasing many great projects which demonstrate leadership and innovation through the implementation of technology within the built environment.

The 2019 Awards were designed through a collaborative effort between Carleton Immersive Media Studio (CIMS) and DIALOG. Using digital technologies and methods, CIMS and DIALOG teamed up to deliver one of the most iconic and inspiring designs to date. Read more about their design process on page 37.

The CanBIM Professional Achievement Award is given to the individual(s) who have made a significant and meaningful contribution to the advancement of BIM and VDC in Canada. The 2019 CanBIM Professional Achievement Award was presented to Patrick Saavedra, Director, Planning, Architectural Design and Renovations Facilities Services at York University. For over a decade, Patrick has been implementing BIM and digital work flows in planning, architecture and construction at York University, leading the completion of seven major capital projects and a significant number of major renovations valued over $500M. Patrick is pushing BIM and the digital workflows by collaborating with ESRI Canada to better integrate BIM models with GIS as a way to create a fully integrated environment where every capital asset is geo-positioned, tracked and maintained. Read our interview with Patrick on Page 34.

The Trailblazer Award is presented to a CanBIM Member who has made an outstanding contribution to the CanBIM community. This individual exemplifies the highest level of passion and commitment to build and support the CanBIM community. The 2019 CanBIM Trailblazer Award was presented to Harsh Vyas, VDC Coordinator, EllisDon in Toronto, Canada. Harsh has been an active member of the CanBIM Community since early 2018, volunteering at CanBIM events and contributing research on industry trends and relevant topics that have helped to inform CanBIM sessions. Harsh has also been involved in driving the CanBIM content strategy through procuring content and conducting member interviews for the CanBIM monthly newsletter. Harsh’s dedication and passion to develop the CanBIM membership is truly inspiring and has been a welcomed contribution. Read our interview with Harsh on Page 36.

Congratulations to all of the 2019 nominees and recipients!

Thank you to our generous award sponsors:

  • Best in Innovation Award Winner/Lauréat du prix de la meilleure innovation Sponsored by Bluebeam
  • Trades Award Winner/Lauréat du prix des métiers Sponsored by PCL
  • General Contractors Award Winner/Lauréat du prix de l’entrepreneur général Sponsored by Brownlee LLP 
  • Academic Award Winner/Lauréat du prix académique Sponsored by Tucker HiRise
  • Design & Engineering Award Winner/Lauréat du prix de conception et ingénierie Sponsored by SolidCAD
  • Technology Commercial Award Winner/Lauréat du prix de la technologie commerciale Sponsored by Ehvert
  • Technology In House Award Winner/Lauréat du prix technologie en interne Sponsore d by Galholt LLP
  • Professional Achievement Award Winner/Lauréat du prix d’excellence professionnelle Sponsored by Maple Reinders
  • Trailblazer Award Winner/Lauréat du prix Trailblazer Sponsored by Get-Tech Innovative Solutions
  • Awards Presentation/Remise des prix Sponsored by Pomerleau

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