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Alexandra Bolton


Founder - Curgenven Wolfe

Founder - Curgenven Wolfe


Alexandra is the former Executive Director of the Centre for Digital Built Britain, where she ran and grew this successful 5-year socio-technical change programme, home to the UK's Building Information Modelling (BIM), National Digital Twin, and Global BIM programmes. CDBB brought industry, government and academia together to use data and digital twins within the built and natural environments to make better decisions, faster, and so create better outcomes for people and the planet. She is the former Deputy Head of the National Digital Twin programme, an ambitious UK programme to enable an ecosystem of connected digital twins across the built environment and the founding home of the UK's Digital Twin Hub. She has also contributed to the national efforts in the UK's Cyber-Physical Infrastructure. Alexandra believes that we can only solve the pressing issues of our time if we take a systems-based, holistic, socio-technical view. She is particularly interested in how the finance community and connected digital twins can enable ESG goals and help mitigate climate change. She is the founder of Curgenven Wolfe, providing strategic advice on digital transformation and organisational strategy.

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