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Hannu Lindberg



Hannu Lindberg is a former Walt Disney Imagineer, and current Global Director of Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) at DPR Construction. Hannu’s primary responsibilities are overseeing the implementation of VDC best practices, field technology and construction technologies across DPR’s family of companies.

Alice Leung

(DBEI) organizing committee whilst in Asia and is now part of the DBEI North America Committee since her relocation back to San Francisco. After realizing the slow pace of digitization in the construction industry, Alice joined the Brick & Mortar Ventures team to work with startups that want to disrupt the way we design, construct and maintain the built world.

Alice holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Brown University where she was on the Formula SAE racecar team and worked in a materials science lab researching lead-free piezoelectrics.

Stacy Scopano

Stacy Scopano is the National Director of Prefabrication & Manufacturing and a corporate officer for JE Dunn, a nationwide builder with 24 offices and project locations across the country. JE Dunn’s portfolio of projects spans dozens of industries, including healthcare, aviation, corporate environments, federal and military, industrial, education, mission critical, science and technology. Stacy has a focus of providing overall direction, development, and leadership for JE Dunn's integration of prefabrication and manufacturing processes into commercial construction, including identifying and developing strategic partnerships with designers, trade partners, and manufacturers. Stacy has significant experience in a variety of built environment innovations, from offsite construction to leadership in industry-wide adoption of transformational technologies. Previously, Stacy was on the executive leadership team at Skender, which produced modular and prefabricated components for commercial projects and served as a Board Director for the National Institute of Sciences Offsite Construction Council. Prior to Skender, Stacy was an Innovation and Strategy executive at Skanksa USA, Autodesk and Trimble.  

Ryan Poole

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